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Thank you for helping to strengthen our local food system

Read more about our 2014 legislative efforts to strengthen our local food system.

Thank you for helping to strengthen public support for small farms and local food systems!!!

We are so grateful for your advocacy and the 2014 Legislature for including $200,000 for the Farmers Market Nutrition Programs and $111,000 for the Small Farm Internship Program in their supplemental operating budget for 2014.

WSFFN tracked many issues this session, ranging from amendments that will provide tax relief to small farms, establishing a small farm internship program and a grants program to help low income schools purchase kitchen equipment for scratch cooking of Wa grown food. Click here for the status of 2014 Legislative Issues we are tracking.

Status of WSFFN's Top Priority: Funding for Farmers Market Nutrition Program!

The Senate Budget proposal included $200,000 for the FMNP but the House Budget Proposal did not include any money for FMNP. The negotiated compromise budget did contain $200K for the FMNPs. ...$100K for the WIC FMNP and $100K for the Senior FMNP.

Please thank your legislator for their support!!! There were many demands for the limited funds available and we are grateful!

Good Food and Farming Lobbyists

Thank you Good Food & Farming Lobbyists! Your advocacy worked!

Advocates secured Legislator's support for FMNP during Good Food & Farming Lobby Day Feb 11th!  House and Senate FMNP Budget Request Sign on Letters were delivered to budget leadership.

Wearing green scarves and carrying squash, on Feb 11th 40 advocates came to Olympia to help advocate for a  $500,000 investment in the Farmers Market Nutrition Programs...because it's good for our kids, our farmers and our local economy.

Legislator Leave Behind
We asked legislators to support the budget request and left behind a squash...with a tag saying Squash Hunger - Invest in FMNP. Thank you Cloudview Farms for the donation of your lovely delicata squash!


Bellingham FM FMNP Photo
Check out our FMNP  flyer.

Background: The WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs are small public investments with huge benefits. These programs enable low income seniors and moms with small kids to receive up to $40/summer to purchase healthy, fresh Washington grown produce at farmers markets and roadside stands.   State Funds have been  cut over the past years. The programs are only able to serve 37,000 low income seniors, new moms and kids, even though there are over 170,000 eligible.

Kids eating carrots and apples at FMInvesting $500,000 would:

  • Allow 18,000 more seniors, new moms and kids a chance to buy fresh Washington grown fruits and vegetables directly from our local farmers!

  • Support over 560 Washington farmers who want their produce to be available to all Washington residents!

  • Help strengthen over 180 farmers markets & farm stores in 35 counties!

photo by Zach Lyons

FMNPs support our farmers and our agriculture economy:

Ballard Farmers Market

  • FMNPs improve the economic viability of our farms, which creates new ag sector jobs.  
  • FMNP funds are not a hand out, but are dollars infused into our local economy to buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from farmers. These dollars help grow small businesses in Washington.
  • Brings $900,000 of federal dollars into our state which helps keep farmers farming.
  • Over 560 farmers across the state earn an extra $1.1 million form FMNPs.
  • keeps our dollars home- Every $100 spent at farmers market, $62 is reinvested locally, $99 stays in state. (Sustainable Seattle, Local Food Economy Study, 2006)

FMNPs are effective food assistance programs that promote health: 

Blue Heron Farm at MV Farmers Market

  • Low-income seniors, new moms and young kids are able to supplement their families’ food budget and eat healthy, fresh WA grown produce. Only 20% of the income eligible citizens are able to benefit.
  • DOH provides administrative support for WIC FMNP and also, through shared efficiencies with DSHS, for Senior FMNP, ensuring that more funds will go directly to program participants and farmers.


  Investing $500,000 in FMNP would:
  • allow 18,000 more seniors, moms and young children a chance to purchase fresh Washington grown fruits and vegetables. 
  • Support 560 farmers who want their produce to be available to all residents.
  • Help strengthen over 120 farmers markets and 60 farm stands in 35 counties.


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