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WA Food System Report Released per Executive Order 10-2

On June 22, 2010 Governor Gregoire signed Executive Order 10-2 directing state agencies to collaborate with non-governmental organizations to strengthen the state’s food policies and programs and address other food-related issues.

Food Policy Executive Order Signed!

Gov signing Food Policy EO
Surrounded by Network Director, Ellen Gray, and Board Members, Paul Benz and Tim Crosby, and other members of the Good Food Coalition, Governor Gregoire signed Executive Order 10-2 which directs state agencies and stakeholders to work together to strengthen Washington's food system. Photo by Paul Haeder

Executive Order 10-2 launched a collaborative effort between state agencies and stakeholders to review existing programs and policies affecting food and make recommendations to the legislature by December 2011 to improve food security, nutrition and health.

Washington's Food System Report was released Feb 14 2012 and includes, among other things, recommendations on how to educate the public and policy makers on the importance of farmland preservation and the importance of promoting Washington-grown products to farmer's markets, food banks and institutions.


Washington's food system is not working as well as it could and a Food Policy Forum will help us do better. Food and agriculture generate$38 billion dollars annually and we grow more apples, cherries, grapes, pears, raspberries than any other state BUT we are 28th in the nation for very low food security. Food and Agriculture represents 12% of our economy BUT our average farmer is 57  AND we lose 70,000 acres of farmland every year.

One of the challenges is the myriad of agencies and stakeholders that affect food. Working across different sectors of the food system, Food Policy Forums or Councils improve coordination between the different agencies and stakeholders whose policies influence our food system. They create an opportunity to discuss the food system as a whole. More than 100 food policy forums/councils have been established at the state and local level across North America.

Read the Governor's Food Policy Forum news release.

Read the Good Food Coalition's news release.

Thank you for helping advance a more sustainable food and farming system
in Washington!
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