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Support Healthy Farms Healthy Food Healthy Kids!

Read more about our 2015 legislative efforts to strengthen our local food system and invest in healthy farms, healthy food and healthy kids!

Help us advocate for local, healthy food systems

CALL Olympia 1-800-562-6000 to help our hardworking farmers get the support they need to sell directly to schools, farmers markets & restaurants.

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PLEASE call your legislators directly, or leave a message asking them to include at least $250K/year for WSDA's Farm to School and Small Farm Direct Marketing Programs in the final budget. 

Both the House and the Senate have released their budget proposals and are now negotiating the final budget. Unfortunately neither budget proposal includes additional funding for WSDA Small Farms Direct Marketing or Farm to School programs, so we especially need your help NOW!

SAMPLE MESSAGE: Our farmers need help navigating all the rules and regulations to be able to sell directly to consumers and schools. PLEASE INCLUDE at least $250,000/year in the budget for the WSDA SMALL FARM DIRECT MARKETING AND FARM TO SCHOOL PROGRAMS.

Background: The House released their Capital and Operating budget proposals. Click here for WSFFN's budget cheat sheet to see what is in and what is not.

THE GOOD NEWS: We are thankful that they include $2M for the Apple A Day school kitchen equipment grants, and $99K for the farming education targeting at-risk high schoolers BUT....

THE BAD NEWS: The House did not include any funding for  WSDA's Small Farm Direct Marketing and Farm to School programs. These programs provide farmers the much-needed technical support to navigate rules and regulations for selling directly to schools, hospitals, farmers markets and consumers. They also compile and publish the Small Farm Direct Marketing Handbook (the Green Book), which is a farmer's one-stop resource for selling direct. These WSDA programs have been cut from their original $500,000/year and are now operating on $125,000/year for both programs. We need to increase funding to ensure that our direct market farmers get the technical support they need.  We are asking legislators to include at least $250,000/year.

Find your legislators contact information here.

Healthy Farms & Healthy Food & Healthy Kids Flyer

Wenatchee Carrot

WSFFN and the Good Food Coalition are advocating for healthier local food systems.



We are asking for: 

  • $250,000/year funding for WSDA to help small and direct market farms and school food buyers get the technical support they need to navigate the ever-evolving rules and regulations, and restore WSDA's Farm to School and Small Farms and Direct Marketing Program funding and $75K for WSU-CSANR to study the economics of the local food system. (Originally in  House Bill 1710.)

  • $1.5M Funding to help schools get the kitchen equipment they need to prepare wholesome meals and purchase more local food from Washington farmers. (Originally in  Apple a Day Act - House Bill 1164.)

  • $1 M Funding for a three year farming education pilot program targeting at-risk youth to reduce their chances of dropping out of high school. (Originally in  Dropout Prevention thru Farming HB 1568. )

Thank you 2015 Good Food & Farming Lobby Day Advocates! 

Good Food & Farming Lobby Day Volunteers

Donning green scarves and carrying apples,  55 volunteers met with 75 Legislators to advocate for Healthy Food Healthy Farms Healthy Kids! Click here for the flyer!

WSFFN is tracking many issues this session, ranging from protecting WIC-FMNP, legalizing growing hemp, to helping WSU get funds to establish a new major in Sustainable Food Systems. WSFFN Bill Tracker.

Photos below of our Good Food & Farming Lobby Day, and a big thanks to Bus Driver Ira for a safe fun trip!

WSFFN Director with Representatives Marcus Riccelli, Gael Tarleton and Tana Senn

Writing Thank you notes
Dani and Apple
Lunch Welcome
Inside the Bus

Thank you 2015 Good Food & Farming Lobbyists!

On Feb. 6th, wearing green scarves and carrying apples, 55 advocates came to Olympia and met with legislators to ask them to support Healthy Farms Healthy Food Healthy Kids.

Baird Orchard Apple Leave Behinds

... and left behind an apple with a tag saying ... Invest in a Fruit-ful future. Thank you Baird Orchards for the donation of your lovely apples!

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