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FDA just released their long awaited "revised" Food Safety Regulations!

FDA has released their long-awaited revised food safety regulations. Their original proposal unfairly targeted small sustainable and organic farms and 22,000 comments with concerns were submitted. FDA pulled their regs and has been revising them.

FDA just released their long awaited "revised" food safety regulations under the Food Safety Modernization Act. 

Click here for National Sustainable Ag Coalition's Blog on the proposed regs.

History: We all want safe food but we also need effective, scale and geographically appropriate rules. WSFFN, in collaboration with the National Sustainable Ag Coalition and Tilth Producers of WA,  ran a grassroots campaign to help farmers understand the implications of the proposed regulations and encouraged them to submit comments. FDA said they would revise their regulations. Now they have just released the revised draft regulations. We anticipate the public comment period will begin Sept 29th and will run through the end of December. Analysis is coming. Stay tuned!

Post FSMA Cartoon

Farmers Submitting FSMA Comments

Farmers writing comments on proposed  food safety regulations at Tilth Producers Conference in Yakima.

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