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Thank you for standing up for our Farmers & our Food - FDA will revise their Food Safety Regulations!

FDA had proposed 1600 pages of food safety regulations that would have had a HUGE impact on how fresh food and vegetables are grown. The proposal unfairly targeted small sustainable and organic farms. FDA heard your comments and will revise their regulations. THANK YOU for sending in your comments!

THANK YOU FOR SENDING IN YOUR COMMENTS ON the proposed Food Safety Rules which had unfairly burdened sustainable and organic farming.

GOOD NEWS!!! FDA HEARD YOU and will be revising their regulations! 

“Based on our discussions with farmers, the research community and other input we have received, we have learned a great deal, and our thinking has evolved,” said, Mike Taylor, the agency’s deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine. 

Click here for FDA's announcement.

We all want safe food but we also need effective, scale and geographically appropriate rules.  WSFFN, in collaboration with the National Sustainable Ag Coalition and Tilth Producers of WA,  ran a grassroots campaign to help farmers understand the implications of the proposed regulations and encouraged them to submit comments. Thank you for taking the time to send in your comments. It worked. Stay tuned!


Farmers writing comments on proposed  food safety regulations at Tilth Producers Conference in Yakima.

Farmers Submitting FSMA Comments

Click here for WSFFN's FSMA comments.

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