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Fresh Food in Schools Video just released

View a 7 minute video of our Fresh Food in Schools Project

Recently Released Fresh Food in Schools Video highlights Network's three year farm to school project


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Click here to watch our Fresh Food in Schools 7 minute video.

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Successful Taste WA Day Sept 25 2013

Trudi Farmer Mike, Ellen

First Lady Trudi Inslee  joined Pe Ell's school kids for their Taste WA Day lunch!  Pe Ell has been participating in the Network's Fresh Food in Schools project, which helps schools purchase more Washington Grown fruits and vegetables! Farmer Mike Peroni explains to Pe El students that they are eating the food that he grew on his farm, while First Lady Inslee and WSFFN Director Ellen Gray look on.  

Boisfort Valley Farmers Mike, Heidi and Natalina Peroni!

Boisfort Valley Farmers Mike, Heidi and Natalina Peroni

Pe Ell School District's Taste Washington Day Menu

BBQ Baked Chicken
Roasted Potatoes from Boisfort Valley Farm,
Veggie Sticks from Boistfort Valley Farm, Curtis
Fresh Fruit brokered thru Jeremy's Mainstreet Market, Chehalis
Fresh baked Zucchini bread
Darigold Milk from Blaser Brothers Midway Dairy, Chehalis

Governor Jay Inslee, when he was a US Representative, officially recognized Taste Washington Day in the Congressional Record on Wednesday September 29, 2010. Click here for a copy of the Taste WA Day Congressional record.

Taste WA Day Resources:Taste WA Booklet Cover

Taste Washington Day Booklet: Joan Qazi, our Central Washington coordinator assembled a Taste Washington Day Booklet to help school kids understand what Taste Washington Day is. Click here for a pdf of the booklet

that you are welcome to download and print.

Assembling Taste WA Map

Taste Washington 4' by 6' Wall Map: WSFFN created a 6' by 4' TASTE WASHINGTON wall map that can be hung in cafeterias to help kids understand the connection between the meal they are eating at school and where it was grown, and the farmers that grew it. Maps can be purchased from WSFFN. Contact for more information.


WSDA's  Farm to School Taste Washington Day  website.  There is a wonderful array of resources available from templates for signage to recipes to table tents!  Check it out!


A School's Guide to Purchasing Washington Grown Food is available from WSFFN and WSDA. The guide clarifies today’s rules about how to apply a geographic preference in school food purchases and help school districts increase their use of Washington-grown food in accordance with rules and regulations at all levels of government.In the guide you will find information about:

School Procurement Guide Cover

  • Regulations governing school food purchases
  • USDA's Geographic Preference Option
  • Washington State school food purchasing laws and using the Geographic Preference Option
  • A step-by-step chart to purchase Washington grown foods
  • Developing vendor qualifications, specifications and preferences to source Washington-grown
  • Guidance and sample language for Washington-grown purchasing and wellness policies
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