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Network organizational description

The Washington Sustainable Food & Farming Network (The Network) is a nonprofit organization that uses education, organizing and advocacy to advance sustainable food and farming programs and policies in Washington State.

Help us advocate for...Healthy Farms-Healthy Food-Healthy Kids!

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Our mission is to educate, organize and advocate for food and farming systems to become economically prosperous, ecologically sound and socially equitable.

Our vision is a vibrant food and farming culture across Washington State. We envision empowered networks of individuals, farms, organizations, businesses, and institutions dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices, a fair and prosperous farming sector and access to healthy food for all.

Network members include farmers, environmental organizations, farmers' markets, faith-based groups, the natural foods industry, farming organizations, community organizations, anti-hunger and nutrition advocates, food co-ops, educators and individuals like you who are investing in a healthy future by supporting sustainable agriculture.

Through education, grassroots organizing and policy advocacy, The Network has become a leading voice for sustainable agriculture and a key catalyst for change in food and farming policies and practices in Washington State. Working together we seek to create a more sustainable agricultural system for Washington. We advocate for programs and policies that:

  • Support and encourage family farms
  • Promote local production and consumption of food and fiber
  • Ensure good stewardship of the land
  • Promote community economic, environmental and social well-being


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